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Together as Partners we can make a difference and impact our world for Jesus. Our talents and gifts can be multiplied to reach souls and to share His grace and love. Thank you for joining us to fulfill the great commission! (Mark 16:33).

Revival flow Ministries
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Rachel Wu (Director)

Rachel is a prophetic preacher and a charismatic leader. She ministers in conferences, crusades, seminars and T.V. broadcasts. Based on the genuine hunger for the pure Gospel, her messages are followed by strong demonstration and manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit. Many are experiencing deliverance, emotional and physical healing and transformation through her ministry. Her heart's desire is to see each believer equipped and empowered by the power of God to be a witness to the world. Her gift in leadership and discipleship training is impacting thousands of young leaders globally.
She is holding BA Hons, QTS (Qualified Teacher Status, U. K.) and MA in Music Education.

Daniel Wu (Co- Director)

Daniel is an ordained minister who has been travelling globally to impact the world with the Word of God. His sermons are full of excitements, wit and humour which keep the audience at the edge of their sits. His career as a minister began at the young age of 16. As a youth pastor, he was already showing signs of a remarkable leader and evangelist. His meek personality combined with the powerful gifting in deliverance builds up, exhorts and restores the broken-hearted. As an accountant who works for one of the biggest accounting companies in the world, he specializes in equipping professionals and Business leaders to enter and operate fully into their destiny to expand the Kingdom of God.